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Browncoat is a slang term from the space western TV series Firefly (and its big-screen "sequel", Serenity) for a member of the Independent Faction, which lost to the Alliance in the Unification War. It is also a nickname for fans of the series.

The original incarnation of PDX Browncoats (which encompases fans in and around the Portland of Oregon and the Vancouver of Washington) first met in July 2004, and lasted until early 2005. Shortly thereafter, some of the original members -- and a good number of new ones -- met during the advance screenings of Serenity held in May and June of that year.

Time passed.

By the middle of 2006, Browncoats the world over knew of the Portland of Oregon as the founding city of Can't Stop The Serenity, the unprecedented worldwide charity screenings movement benefitting Equality Now which just completed its third year of coordinated events centered around Joss Whedon's birthday.


The Haitian Job

PDX Browncoats to Host a Fundraiser for Mercy Corps with Proceeds Going to the Continuing Haiti Relief Effort

January 29, 2010 – PORTLAND, OR – On January 12, 2010, an earthquake struck Port-au-Prince, Haiti, destroying the city and leaving thousands of people homeless and without the most basic essentials. You can help support those in need by joining the PDX Browncoats on Saturday, February 6th, at the Moon & Sixpence on NE 42nd Avenue to raise money for Mercy Corps, with proceeds going to their continued relief effort in Haiti. Moon & Sixpence has generously offered to donate a portion of their February 6th proceeds to Mercy Corps. If you would like to contribute more, the PDX Browncoats have a website available to accept online contributions of any amount. Contributions can be made at www.mercycorps.org/fundraising/pdxbrowncoats.

Mercy Corps is an international organization whose mission it is to alleviate suffering, poverty, and oppression by helping people build secure, productive, and just communities.

The PDX Browncoats are a local fan group of the works of Joss Whedon, specifically the television show, Firefly, and its companion film, Serenity. Our mission is to provide volunteer assistance and financial contributions to nonprofits that promote equality for men and women, local action, and other ideals espoused in Joss Whedon's many creative projects. We provide social outlets for fans of Whedon's works because we have learned that socializing is an important step toward activism. You can learn more about us at our website, www.pdxbrowncoats.com.

This relief effort is open to all.

CONTACT: Anna Snyder, PR Liaison, pr@pdxbrowncoats.com, tel. 503.593.5300 or Dae Low, Social Activities Coordinator, merch@pdxbrowncoats.com.

Can't Stop the Serenity 2009!

Our 4th annual screening of the movie Serenity to benefit Equality Now at Cinema 21 was a great success and we all had a blast. This year's total donation from the PDX Browncoats to Equality Now was $5,000 bringing our total raised over the last four years to $33,000. 2009's combined global Can't Stop the Serenity effort has raised over $136,000!

We would like to thank Cinema 21 and The Gypsy Lounge for helping to make our event a memorable one.

Catch up on what you missed or re-live the memories with great recaps from an attendee here, our very own Anna Snyder here, and the PDX Browncoat Flickr group.

We're already gearing up for Can't Stop the Serenity 2010. For more information on sponsorship, volunteering, etc, check out our Event Page.

Equality Now

Cinema 21

Some of our lovely sponsors and friends:

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Our Shindigs

Traditionally, members of PDX Browncoats meet socially on the first weekend of every month. These shindigs have tended to alternate between Saturdays and Sundays, so watch the forums or keep an eye out here for details.

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Annual Events

Can't Stop The Serenity (Serenity Now/Equality Now)
Every June

The Grizwald

As the founding city of Can't Stop The Serenity, Portland raised over $7,200 (more than any other participating city) in that event's inaugural year of 2006, accounting for more than 10% of the global total of more than $65,000.

In 2007, PDX Browncoats surpassed that inaugural take -- and its 2007 goal of $10,000. In mid-September, it was announced that we'd held onto the fabled Grizwald, awarded each year to the city whose charity screenings raise the most money for Equality Now.

For 2008, the PDX Browncoats raised $9,000! Although we didn't hang onto the Grizwald, we still did an amazing job.

We're already gearing up for 2009. So join our forums and get ready for this year's 4th annual event. Portland's 2009 Can't Stop the Serenity forum

Odd Jobs

In addition to our regular monthly shindigs, PDX Browncoats occasionally pull off special jobs. Announcements of future jobs will appear on the discussion board and listed here as well.

The Derby Job
Date TBA (Summer 2008)

PDX Browncoats will be building a Firefly-class soapbox racer for next year's Portland Adult Soapbox Derby. This plan is in the very early discussion stage. If you'd like to get involved, join our forums and check our 2008 Soapbox Derby thread.

The Flanvention Backup Bash Job
08 December 2006 - 10 December 2006

Cap'n On Deck

A handful of us headed to Burbank for Flanvention II only to find it cancelled, and find ourselves thrown instead into the midst of the Browncoats' Backup Bash. Technically, not a "job" but worth mentioning here anyway.

The Equality Now Job
23 June 2006


Also known as the original Serenity Now/Equality Now (eventually to become Can't Stop The Serenity). Along with dozens of other cities across the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, PDX Browncoats hosted a charity screening of Serenity to benefit Equality Now. Portland's screening netted approximately $7,200.

The Kickball Job
30 September 2006

At the end of September (on the one-year anniversary of Serenity's theatrical release), the Eugene Browncoats challenged us to kickball. We held our own, but they won.

The Obsession Job
29 December 2005

The Obsession Job

Members gathered at the Laurelhurst Theater in Southeast Portland to have our photograph taken beneath the marquee, to prove that we were seeing Serenity on the big screen yet again, even though we all had our DVD copies.

The Hurricane Relief Job
24 September 2005

At the Guild Theater in downtown Portland, PDX Browncoats hosted a charity screening of three Firefly episodes to benefit the hurricane relief efforts of Oregon's own Mercy Corps.

The Advance Screening Job
May/June 2005

The current incarnation of PDX Browncoats, in large part, owes its existence to the three advance screenings of the unfinished Serenity held around the country in May and June of 2005.

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